Access Control

The University of Florida Department of Physical Security administers the electronic access control system.  Electronic access control is accomplished through the use of the Gator1 ID Card, along with card readers installed near doors.  It helps provide controlled access for faculty, staff, students and support personnel to UF.  Its use is expected to expand over campus as buildings are built, remodeled, and redesigned.  Physical Security regulates the general framework, approves and oversees all installations and maintenance, and trains University End-Users to manage their own building access.

The benefits of electronic access control is to allow for doors to be placed on a time schedule to unlock and lock to suit UF academic and business needs.  It provides a record of who gains access through the use of the UF Gator1 ID card, and allows for people to have access granted or removed easily.

UF currently uses the Lenel OnGuard as the software to manage the campus electronic access control system.